Upcoming Events: Autumn 2015

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I'm very happy to share a series of upcoming events that will give me much-needed breaks from my current hand-aching marathon drawing for the 3rd and final volume of "In the Sounds and Seas" (exciting news forthcoming!). 

September 19 & 20: Small Press Expo (SPX) in Bethesda Maryland

SPX is one of the most vibrant shows of the year--if you're in the DC area or thereabouts, you'd be a fool to miss the festival! I'm grateful to be tabling with Radiator Comics at E12; if you want to buy books or say hello, I'll be behind the table from 2pm - 4pm on Saturday, and 4pm to 5:30pm on Sunday. The rotating group of artists behind the table at Radiator this weekend is a collection of some of my favorite artists & some of the loveliest people in comics, so even if I'm not behind the table you should swing by and visit! If you haven't had a chance to pick up the new printing of Mare Cognitum (published by So What? Press, also exhibiting at table B5A), I'll have plenty in stock. ALSO! What's Your Sign, Girl?, the zodiac anthology published by Ninth Art Press & edited by the lovely Rob Kirby, is debuting at SPX at table H12B. I was given the heady responsibility to represent my fellow pisces in a comic for the collection: I can't wait to see it in person!


September 30: Token

The first in what I hope is a long-running series of events, September 30 is the first Token, a night of local zines & comics, music and video games hosted by the genial Erik Schneider of Easy Press at Emporium Arcade Bar in Logan Square. From 6pm - 11pm, I'll be among the group of local comic artists & zinesters will be selling books. Stop by for a beer, a game of Frogger, and good reading!


October 6: Caxton Club Panel Discussion

The Caxton Club, a private social club & bibliophilic society that has been promoting book arts in Chicago since 1895 in association with the Newberry Library, his hosting a panel discussion at the launch of the words|matter show & artist book library at Arts on Elston on October 6. I'm honored to be part of the panel, representing the self-publishing community of comic artists and zinesters, alongside paper, book and installation artist (& my much-admired former professor) Melissa Jay Craig; letterpress master printer (& my friend and former employer) Jen Farrell of Starshaped Press; fine press book artist Pamela Olson; and book artists & pop-up wizard Shawn Sheehy. I'd be so happy to see familiar faces in the audience--if you're free on Tuesday Oct 6, please come along to Arts on Elston (3446 N Albany Ave, right at Elston) at 6pm.


October 8: Artist Talk

Arts on Elston is hosting a series of artist talks in October for Chicago Artist Month to celebrate the words|matter show. I am excited (and more than a little humbled) to be the first of the series of artists giving talks. Please come along to Arts on Elston (3446 N Albany Ave) on Thursday Oct 8; in an adaptation and expansion of the talk I gave at Bryn Mawr this spring, I will be talking about how questions of religious inquiry guide and bound my work.

More details about new books coming soon--til then, I hope to see folks at these events!

Spring has sprung

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Winter months of seclusion and quiet labor are changing to spring: little nubbins of grass are popping up out of dry soil, snowdrop flowers are brightening up fence perimeters, and Chicago is dressed in optimistic shorts on the first over-40-degree day. The sun is out! Let's shine some light on what's been happening in these past few dark months! Apologies for the long-list nature of this thing; someday I'll get better at posting more regularly.

Image Plus Text

I'm excited to share the first episode of a new podcast I'm co-hosting with cartoonist Sam Sharpe: Image Plus Text! I+T is a biweekly panel discussion podcast where we will talk about a specific topic related to creative work (not just comics, but since we're both cartoonists there will be lots of comics shop-talk) with a guest. Sam and I first started talking through this project when we were at Ragdale together last fall, and since January we've been recording episodes and learning all the behind-the-scenes production that we'll need to keep a regular release schedule. I'm really proud of this and hope that people enjoy listening!  Follow our goings-on at soundcloudtumblr or twitter for updates, and send any feedback or suggestions to 

Bryn Mawr Visit

The poster for the event was designed by me with the feedback & help from my pals (& scholars of religious iconography, among other things) Joe Leach & Rachel Levy

The poster for the event was designed by me with the feedback & help from my pals (& scholars of religious iconography, among other things) Joe Leach & Rachel Levy

Last week I visited Bryn Mawr College to join an afternoon event on Religion & Comics with my friend & comics scholar Brian Cremins, hosted by the wonderful Shiamin Kwa. I talked about how questions in religious inquiry relate to my larger body of work and I presented a new little comic, and Brian gave a great talk about Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin. I was super honored to be invited; as an alum of a seven sisters college, being on campus felt like a homecoming--any anxiety I had (which was plenty) about giving a talk washed away when I arrived. Thank you so much to Brian, Ken and all of the students who joined us that afternoon, and especially to Shiamin for her open-hearted generosity--I couldn't have asked for a better host! 

Astrology Comic


The new story I presented at Bryn Mawr is a little 5-page comic I made for an anthology edited by the lovely Rob Kirby about astrology called "What's Your Sign, Girl?" It's due out in Fall 2015 from Ninth Art Press, and an artist from each zodiac sign is making a comic about their place in the stars. I was given the responsibility & heady duty to represent all my fellow Pisces. I thought it would be an interesting challenge to make a comic about something that I deeply & truly don't believe in. That seed grew in to a little personal essay comic that is half about skepticism & my agnostic-to-atheist origin-story, and half a celebration of deeply held beliefs in a structured system of meaning-making. I'm so excited to see the final collection--Rob has managed to collect so many of my favorite artists in to one anthology, it's going to be a thrill to see my name listed next to theirs.

CAKE Bake & other CAKE things

Let them eat CAKE! I also learned that I love drawing fancy mice making this poster.

Let them eat CAKE! I also learned that I love drawing fancy mice making this poster.

Today is April 1, which means the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo is only 2 months away!! This is my second year on the core organizing team at CAKE, so I have a better sense of how quickly those two months will fly. We've got a couple of fundraisers and smaller events coming up between now and The Big Weekend (CAKE this year is June 6 & 7, and it's gonna blow your socks off). The first big lead-up event, and my personal favorite, is CAKE Bake, our annual fundraising art auction! A truly boggling number of talented artists have donated their art & performance prowess to make CAKE Bake an event you won't want to miss. If you don't already, please follow CAKE on tumblr, twitter or facebook to keep up-to-date on all of our goings-on.

Literary Agency Representation

Big news in the "it's not big news yet but it's an exciting step in that direction" category, about two weeks ago I became a happy client of Mark Gottlieb at Trident Media Group! I have been working this winter on developing some next-big-book ideas, and I'm very grateful to have Mark's expert guidance as I figure out the next steps on those projects. 

Upcoming Travel & Comics Shows

Festival season is upon us again! I took a breather from signing up for early-spring festivals, but the rest of the year is getting booked up. Come say hi if you're going to be at:

  • LINEWORK NW at Norse Hall, 111 E 11th Ave, Portland OR: I'm tabling on Sunday April 19, but I'll be walking around on the 18th. This is my first west coast show (!) and I'm so excited to get to join the festival this year! I've heard nothing but wonderful things, and I love any excuse to visit my family & friends in Bridgetown.
  • Chicago Zine Fest at the Plumbers Union Hall, 1340 W Washington Blvd, Chicago on Saturday May 9: it's the day before mother's day, and my mom will be joining me behind the table! Come say hi to two grinning Texans trying to sell you comics and just TRY to not get a hug.
  • CAKE! at the Center on Halsted, 3656 N. Halsted, Chicago on June 6-7. I'll be the one signing you in, handing out water bottles & snacks, and making sure you have an excellent time!
  • Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo (SPACE) at the Northland Performing Arts Center, 4411 Tamarack Blvd in Columbus, OH on July 18 & 19: it's a rain-checked date in a shiny-new space in one of the country's best comics towns--let's do this, Columbus!
  • Small Press Expo (SPX) on Sept 19-20 in Bethesda: did I win the table lottery? Nope! Will I be there anyway? You betcha! I'm going to join the Radiator Comics table for some of the time there, but I'm mostly excited to walk around, see everyone's new work and go to all the panels I can fit in.
  • TBD: Autoptic on August 8-9 in Minneapolis, MN: table announcements haven't gone out yet, but Autoptic is a hell of a fantastic show. Hope to see y'all there--fingers crossed!